Car sharing in Gey Village Germany

Voluntary car sharing
Does it work?

A quiet village in the Eifel is testing a modern way of car sharing. A single car is sponsored by several local companies and leased by almost 2,000 villagers. Read more »

Car sharing Army

Car sharing with the Army

Our motley crew (aka Armed Forces) provides a portion of their fleet for car sharing. However, not their tanks, submarines or fighter jets, but cars, vans or trucks. But who is allowed to use these vehicles? Read More »

car2go 1 million customers

Congratulations car2go!

Car2go has reached 1 million customers this week. Ms. Eugenia M. from Florence receives a bouquet and 1000 free minutes of car2go. Read More »

bike-sharing nextbike drivenow

Bike sharing with

Nextbike and DriveNow

Many folks like to ride "sporty" with their cars. But let's be honest, only a bicycle is leading you to a sporty and healthy life! Leaving the car in the garage and hitting the pedals instead is the motto of the new partnership between drivenow and nextbike. Read More »